JC -n- Keith

Sometimes it happens… suddenly my attention was driven to this drawing.

An illustration for a book by Бурас, Кронгауз — Тысяча лет и один день
more: https://www.labirint.ru/books/726198/

Yes, I recognised them! JC and Keith of the Newbold DBH )))

John Crissey III (left) was my collegue for one year at Newbold. Marinko Markek (right) still is… for a last few days of the Newbold DBH.
Keith HOWSON | Professor (Full) | PhD, MCom, MBA, BS Dip Bus Admin, CA, CMA
Keith still is my external examiner at Newbold DBH. For a few days more…
Snapshot from the last Newbold College DBH session on exam grade approval, 3 June 2021


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