In search for North American and Carribean SDA stamps and cachets

This information is gathered here to help organise the search for those stamps and first day covers that are of a great interest for my collection.

1948: USA, Southern Missionary College

There are cachets from Southern Missionary College (now Southern Adventist University) from May 2, 3, & 4, 1948, for a Philatelic Exhibition that the college stamp club sponsored:

Also a cachet from an exhibition at the June 3-6, 1948 Missionary Volunteer Youth Congress in Chattanooga, Tennessee:

1970-1977: USA, Loma Linda covers of different years:

Additionally there are:

  • SDA Sanitarium Western Samoa
  • 100-th anniversary of Battle Creek College — Andrews University
  • 25-th anniversary of La Sierra College — University
  • 100-th anniversary of Dorcas Society

I have:

  • 150-th anniversary of E. G. White Birth
  • Ground Breaking Veterans Hospital (not Dedication)

If You might know other covers from Loma Linda, please let me know. I want them all.

1980: USA, Voice of Prophecy

This cover with the H. M. S. Richards autograph is on sale for about 200 US Dollars. I cannot afford that amount. But maybe someone would like to donate it to my collection, or maybe there is one without signatures.

1983: USA, Desmond Doss

There are two different cachets honoring Desmond Doss. I would like to get both.

2007: Cayman Islands.

I have this Cayman Islands stamp that features a SDA church window. But I need the stamped cover for it as well.

2009: Bahamas.

I have this stamp, but I search for the first day cover cachet.

2009 Bahamas under Scott 1287 -1292. The set is referred as Christmas Churches. The 2009 set has values of 15c, 25c, 50c, 65c, 70c and 80c. The 50c value shows the SDA Church in Grant’s Town.

2011: Montserrat

I have this stamp, but I am looking for the first day cover cachet.

If there were some other stamps or envelopes related to the SDA Church, I would like to get them, but at least a quality photo pictures I need of them. Please, help. I will cover all the expenses.

If You can help me, please, contact via comments to this page, or via Viber/Whatsapp/Telegram +79673016191 or email be1@bk.ru or skype vasily.yunack — Thanks!


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