In search for Pacific Ocean area SDA stamps and cachets

This information is gathered here to help organise the search for those stamps and first day covers that are of a great interest for my collection.

1985: New Zealand

I just have this official information that the cancelation stamp in New Zealand was issued. No information if there were the stamps as well. I search for the information and the stamped envelopes.

2002: New Zealand

I have just this independent information from a philatelic catalog. I would like to get this stamp, and possible there could be a cover with a cancelation stamp as well.

2002: Fiji

«Operations Open Heart» — it is a project of the Sidney Adventist Hospital.
I have the stamps, but I search for the cachet cover.

2005: Philippines.

I have the single stamp, but there is the mini-sheet of 8 stamps. I want to get it. Also there was special cancelation stamp for the first day cover, I want to get the cachet cover with the stamp.

1970: Samoa.  

I have the stamp, but I search for the cachet covers:

2007: Samoa.

I have this minisheet, but I search for the first day cover cachet.

2010: Cook Islands

I have stamps and minisheet that show Adventist Pathfinders, but I want to get these cover cachets:

If there were some other stamps or envelopes related to the SDA Church, I would like to get them, but at least a quality photo pictures I need of them. Please, help. I will cover all the expenses.

If You can help me, please, contact via comments to this page, or via Viber/Whatsapp/Telegram +79673016191 or email be1@bk.ru or skype vasily.yunack — Thanks!


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